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Potato Cup entries, please -
After the deluge, maybe a ray of warmth and sunshine will finally be a boost to root crops. Entries for Stalham Farmers' Club's crop competitions will be welcomed. The Potato Cup, now freshly engraved with the names of the last three year's winners, is the first to be judged.
Robin Baines has agreed to cast his eye over the entries and it is planned to walk crops in the first week of August.
Please send details of the size of the field/ variety and access to the secretary - at your earliest convenience.
All entries will be acknowledged amd there is no fee for entering.
Fields should be at least 10 acres. Incidentally, the Potato Cup was first awarded in 1970.
Any questions, please contact the secretary, Michael Pollitt on 01603 486997. Please keep samples from cereal crops for the club's two grain competitions. The club's sugar beet competitions will be judged later in the season.
Entry added: 17 Jul 2024
The club's annual farm walk, which was staged with the East Norfolk branch of the National Farmers' Union, was a great success. A total of almost 90 members and guests joined the walk around Tony & Emily Bambridge's PArk Farm, Blickling. Thanks to all who atended and who helped to make the event such a success. There's a report on the website.
Entry added: 17 Jul 2024
Glorious summer farm walk - A glorious summer evening walk was enjoyed by 85 members of Stalham Farmers' Club and East Norfolk branch of the National Farmers' Union. The hosts, Tony and Emily Bambridge, welcomed the party including a dozen members of North Walsham YFC to Park Farm, Blickling. They then led the group around the 94 ha (237 acre) holding - part of the National Trust's 4,464-acre estate. He spoke about the range of cropping, including growing grass seeds, vetch and pre-basic barley seed as well as the pedigree herd of Lincoln Red cattle. His wife Emily talked about the herd of Haflingers and her drive to produce a more modern horse. There was a little history too including a description of diverting the course of the river Bure in 1388 and planting new hedges behind the field boundaries mapped by Faden in 1797. The other speakers, William Heal and Adam Curtis, of the National Trust, also spoke during the walk. Finally, a hog roast supper ended the evening. See Minutes and Reports on the left.
Entry added: 10 Jul 2024
Farm walk update - All places for Monday's walking tour of Park Farm, Moorgate, Blickling NR11 6PU, have been booked. It starts at 6pm prompt on Monday, July 8 and our host Tony Bambridge will lead the party on the walk, which will take in arable crops, pedigree beef cattle from his Lincoln Red herd, and a briefing on the Haflinger horses by Emily Bambridge. William Heal will discuss fishing and river management. Adam Curtis, countryside manager for the National Trust will talk about plans for the parkland and for tree-planting. The farm walk and hog roast, which is being held jointly by Stalham Farmers' Club and the east Norfolk branch of the National Farmers' Union, is fully booked. As numbers are limited, please don't attend. Please note too - it is a walk, so no vehicles and do not bring dogs. It would also assist with parking if members could join forces with neighbours as parking may be a little limited.
Entry added: 05 Jul 2024
Congratulations - Former NFU president Minette Batters has been given a peerage by outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. In one of his final acts, published just an hour before the polls closed for yesterday's General Election, she was included in a list of political honours.
Minette, who spoke at the annual dinner of Stalham Farmers' Club in 2016, will sit as a crossbench peer in the Lords. And former environment secretary, Therese Coffey, was made a dame in the same list - which might be some slight compensation for losing her seat Suffolk Coastal MP to Labour just a few hours later. Another former environment secretary and later Britain's Prime Minister for 42 days, Liz Truss, lost her attempt to be re-elected for south-west Norfolk to Labour - by 630 votes. In what seems rather ungracious behaviour, she declined to make the traditional speech of thanks after the results of the count was declared.
Entry added: 05 Jul 2024
Blooming marvellous.
Brunstead Blooms was featured on BBC Radio 4’s Farming today programme as part of the week’s focus on the home-grown flower sector. Louisa Butcher launched her business growing a range of flowers on almost half an acre as part of a diversification plan for the family’s arable farm, which is run by her husband William Sands, the club’s former chairman. Louisa told presenter Anna Hill that all her flowers are grown without pesticides or crop protection products and she also runs a series of workshops and a pick your own flower enterprise too. Members, who visited her flower garden at last year’s chairman’s farm, were mightily impressed by her enthusiasm. To hear the full interview, go to Sounds and BBC Radio 4, Farming Today, Friday, May 24 at about 5.50am.
Entry added: 24 May 2024

A joint farm walk with East Norfolk branch of the National Farmers' Union will be held by invitation of Tony and Emily Bambridge at Park Farm, Moorgate, Blickling NR11 6PU on Monday, July 8. starting promply at 6pm.

This is a two-hour walk through part of Blickling Park, passing along a stretch of the River Bure and water meadows, taking in the herd of Lincoln Red cattle and the Haflingers as well as some of the arable cropping on the higher ground.

To simplify arrangements, Tony will be pleased to lead members of Stalham Farmers' Club and the NFU on a walking tour - so sensible footwear/ clothing will be required.
There is no provision for vehicles, it is strictly on foot only. Please arrive in good time for prompt departure at 6pm.

There will be stops along the route with presentations including the following topics
* A member of the National Trust team will talk about plans for re-planting and re-shaping the park and forestry.
* Emily will talk about the Haflingers
* Members of Blickling Fishing Club will outline river management and wild brown trout
* Tony will talk about his Lincoln Red cattle.

On return to Park Farm, a hog roast supper will be served with drinks - provided by Stalham Farmers' Club and the East Norfolk NFU branch.
Numbers will be limited - so early application is advised. In addition, as parking is tight, please consider joining forces with neighbours/ friends to share transport.
As numbers will be limited, there may be a waiting list. The organisers ask that members do not just turn up as they will be disappointed.

Applications, please, preferably by email. They will be acknowledged - if you don't get confirmation in the following days, it may not have been received!

Applications to -
Michael Pollitt, secretary, Stalham Farmers' Club - or telephone 01603 486997
or to NFU, North Walsham, office - email - or telephone 01692 402929
Entry added: 22 May 2024
Annual dinner picture gallery
Photographer Simon Finlay captured the magic of the latest annual dinner with more than 150 shots - and some candid images too. Flick through the slide show - go to Photo Gallery (left) and find Club Dinner 2024.
Entry added: 19 Mar 2024
Superb annual dinner:-

A move to the Lodge, Salhouse, for the club’s annual dinner and presentation of prizes was a spectacular success. When retiring chairman William Sands thanked the team, there was loud applause from the company of 115 members and guests. The guest speaker Mark Nicholas, of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Agricultural Association, presented the awards and Mr Sands handed over the chairman’s gavel to his successor Jonathan Pye. It was also announced that Stalham’s John McLeod had won the inter-club supreme malting barley award with a sample of Maris Otter.
Full story, see the Minutes and Reports on the left.
Entry added: 18 Mar 2024
February’s five inches of rainfall – Sunshine, wind and yet more rain on Friday, March 1. Rainfall recorder and Stalham Farmers’ Club member Alistair Wright logged almost three times more rainfall at Church Farm, Stalham, than the 32-year average for February. As a recorder for the Norfolk Rainfall Organisation, a total of 124.6mm (or almost five inches) fell during the 29 days of February.
Average rainfall in February, 32-year average - 46.76mm and the 10-year average - 45.9mm.
His late father, Nigel, started recording in 1971 and according to his records, the previous wettest February months were – 2010, 92.63mm; 1990, 77.8mm and 1977, 73.91mm. It does seem that the long-term trend is for heavier rainfall in the winter months.
Entry added: 01 Mar 2024
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