C. 2018 | Stalham Farmers' Club | Leading speakers from the agricultural industry.

A full selection of photographs from the latest annual dinner at the Boathouse, Ormesby, will soon be featured on the club's website including the prizegiving. And there was great applause as Emma Papworth was presented with the club's Potato Cup on behalf of LF Papworth. It was particularly appropriate because the winning crop as judged by Denis Walsh was the variety, Daisy - a name shared by the daughter of Tim and Emma Papworth.


Stalham 2018 trophy winners


1 LF Papworth (Daisy); 2 Walcott Farms (Innovator); 3 HBS Farms (Fontane).


Sugar beet 2018/19:

Whole crop - 1 R Cooke & Sons; 2 Hirst Farms; 3 GA Tallowin & Co.

Best two-acre - 1 CN Beck & Sons; 2 HBS Farms and C Callow/ Edward de Feyter; 3 G A Tallowin & Co and Walcott


Cantley Cup:

1 Mrs Mary Hannant; 2 CN Beck & Sons; 3 HBS Farms.


Barley (21 samples):

1 Mautby Farms - Flagon; 2 HBS Farms – Concerto; 3 R Cooke & Sons - Concerto).

Wheat (11 samples):

1 Milligen McLeod - Skyfall; 2 Mautby Farms - Grafton; 3 Milligen McLeod - Siskin.