C. 2016 | Stalham Farmers' Club | Leading speakers from the agricultural industry.

Congratulations. Prize cards and trophies were presented at the 175th annual dinner by the guest speaker, Sir Nicholas Bacon to the winners of the club’s competitions.

A total of 118 members and guests enjoyed a three-course meal at the Norfolk Mead Hotel, Coltishall. After a stimulating address, Sir Nicholas, who is chairman of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, presented trophies to members.

The Cantley Cup, which recognises the best overall sugar beet performance by a member, went to the club’s vice-chairman Henry Alston, of Billockby Hall. For the first time in the 89-year history of the trophy, all members were eligible for the prestigious trophy. The runner-up was Jonathan Gill, of E Jones & partners and third, CN Beck & Sons; fourth, Milligen McLeod and fifth Whitwell Hall Farms (Andrew Morton).

RESULTS 2016-17

Potato Cup, judge Denis Walsh -

1 Nova Scotia Farms;

2 HBS Farms;

3 Robin Baines & Co.

Cereals, judge Chris Borrett of Adams & Howling -

Wheat -

1 Milligen McLeod (Invicta);

2 LF Papworth (Leeds);

3 HBS Farms (Costello).

Barley -

1 Walcott Farms (Maris Otter);

2 Milligen McLeod (Maris Otter);

3 Nova Scotia Farms (Maris Otter).

Sugar Beet -

Whole Crop, 2016, judge Ken Matthews -

1 GA Tallowin & Co;

2 CN Beck & Sons;

3 Andrew Alston.

Best two-acre, 2016 -

1 Milligen McLeod;

2 Andrew Alston;

3 HBS Farms.

Ten-pin bowls – presented to Charlie Lockhart.

The club's chairman Jonathan Deane thanked the judges and especially British Sugar's area manager Sarah Bebb for her help with the beet competitions.