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Over the years the Stalham has invited a series of leading speakers in the agricultural industry to address members. Although meetings were suspended from around 1916 to 1919 and again in the Second World War, the club’s long-term success has been helped by the loyalty of succeeding generations of members and officers.

There have only been eight presidents since the club was formed in December 1841 and some 15 secretaries during the same period.

In 2014 – it stands at 10 presidents and 16 secretaries.


Driest May for half a century at Stalham.............................................................................. It was the driest May for almost half a century in east Norfolk, according to veteran rainfall recorder and club member Nigel Wright. He recorded just 9.4mm at Church Farm, Stalham, last month – and even drier than May two years ago, which had just 12.5mm of rainfall. Mr Wright, who is a former chairman of Norfolk National Farmers’ Union and was secretary to Stalham Farmers’ Club for 25 years, has looked back on his rainfall and temperature records from January 1972. “May has traditionally been a very dry month in east Norfolk,” he said. “It is also quite clear from my records that average rainfall does seem to be declining in the first five months of the year,” he added. The 32-year average shows that total rainfall from January was 243.53mm – and the 10year average for the same period was 234.79mm. Mr Wright, who is also the club's vice-president, said that the driest May in almost 50 years was in 1974 when 11.17mm was recorded – almost the beginning of the great drought of the mid-1970s. Actually in May 1976, 29.21mm of rain was recorded. Other recent dry Mays included 1980 with 11.43mm. There was a run of dry Mays in 1989 with 14.2mm and then 11.9mm in 1990. In May 1998, 12.52mm or almost half an inch was recorded. In terms of annual rainfall at Church Farm, the 10-year average was 657.95mm and the 32-year average 696.25mm. Mr Wright’s recordings of temperatures indicate that annual averages had risen about 1.5 deg C from around 9.5 deg C since the early 1980s to more than 11 deg C. [02/06/20]
A sign of the times. Farming's economic importance in Norfolk is often depicted on villages signs. One of our keen cycling members, David Faulkner has photographed a number of village signs showing tractors ploughing, with ears of barley and wheat. There are now 20 on the club's website. If you like to add your village sign to our photographic library, please send your image to tim@lfpapworth.co.uk And given the great success of the monthly photo library in April and May with a total of 144 already posted, it is planned to carry on with a new series, June 2020. Your help as ever much appreciated. [26/05/20]
EDP highlights club's photogallery - The beauty of Norfolk’s spring wildlife and landscapes has been captured by keen farming photographers – illustrating how the life and work of the countryside is continuing during the lockdown. Stalham Farmers' Club compiled the colourful gallery of images after former chairman Tim Papworth launched a photographic challenge to keep club members in touch during this time of social isolation - especially those who are more elderly and vulnerable, confined to their homes. [01/05/20]
A dozen of the best, now actually a baker's dozen! What a great result since the "Spring 2020" scenes from across Broadland and east Norfolk was launched on the club's website more than a week ago. As many of our members, including a number of elderly and those potentially vulnerable, are isolating, webmaster Tim Papworth issued a friendly challenge. Simply take a photograph on the farm, your neighbour's or your garden and he'll add it to the countryside portfolio of images. It has been a great success and more than three dozen have been posted including from the following - John Grier, Mary Beck, David Faulkner, Nick Deane, David Bond, James Brown, Ray Andrews, Richard Hirst, Robert Hirst, Ellie Hirst, Sally Mitchell, Louis Baugh, Alistair Wright. Please add you own contribution by sending to tim@lfpapworth.co.uk To view the images, click on photo gallery (on the left-hand side) and it brings up Spring 2020. [21/04/20]
A natural cycle in Broadland - Bitterns booming and cranes calling - all part and parcel of life on the Broads. In our Spring 2020 photo gallery Louis Baugh said that bitterns can be heard from the back door of Neatishead Hall - as they've been vocal for the past month or so. And a flight of 13 common cranes was seen heading towards Barton Broad, he said. Other members including Robert Hirst, who sent a photo of lambs and a ewe, and Alistair Wright have been busy with their cameras too. See photo gallery on the left, click on Spring 2020. Please sent images to webmaster Tim Papworth. [15/04/20]

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