1876 Membership | Stalham Farmers' Club | Leading speakers from the agricultural industry.

Membership List of Stalham Farmers' Club, as detailed, 1876.

(Note, the list may well have later entries (in years to 1883 and onwards) – as writing does change)

Mr R Cooke, Snr, chairman

Mr J Worts, Sutton; Mr Slipper, Catfield;

Mr S Neal, Hickling; A G Gibbs, Hickling.

Mr G Gladden, Ingham (chairman?)

Mr J Slipper, Ludham; Mr Deynes, Dilham.

Mr Salmon, Catfield; Mr R Riches, Catfield.

Mr J Slipper, Hickling.

Mr R Cooke, junr, Smallburgh.

Mr B C Silcock, Stalham; Mr F Clowes, Stalham.

Mr S Howard, Hempstead.

Mr J Riches, Catfield.

Mr W Thompson, Palling; Mr A Ladbroke, Brumstead.

Mr R Clarke, Sutton.

Mr A  Borrett, Ingham; Mr E Harvey, Ingham.

Mr J Fenn, Hickling.

Mr R Lacey, Stalham.

Mr S Chapman, Potter Heigham; Mr E Silcock, Potter Heigham.

Mr W Faulke, Brumstead.

Mr G Dawson, Catfield.

Mr J Clements, Eccles.

Mr W Heath, Ludham; Mr W Rudd, Potter Heigham.

Mr W Whittleton, Catfield.

Mr J Jay, Honing.

Mr B S Slipper, Hasbro’

Mr F Neave, Neatishead.

Mr E Cooke, Stalham Hall.

Mr H Hacon, Ludham.

Mr F Borrett, Hickling.

Mr Alfred Neave, Ludham; Mr J Heath, Ludham.

Mr Banks

Mr J Slipper,

Mr W Durrell, East Ruston; Mr J Durrell, East Ruston.

Mr H Fitt.

Mr S Boyce, Potter Heigham

Mr Coustos, Ingham

Mr A G Gibbs, Worstead.

Mr E Silcock,

Mr E Gay?, junr, Horning (later) Hall Farm, Smallburgh

Mr W Whittleton

?French, Waxham.

Mr R G Johnson

Mr W Painter

Mr George Beck, Ridlington (Briggate, Worstead)

Mr J Gedge, Waxham

Mr J G Riches

Mr G Gedge, Honing (Smallburgh)

Mr W Cubitt, Bacton.

Mr Alfred Larner

Mr G R Johnson, Waxham.

Mr C Littlewood,

Mr A Borrett,

Mr M Neave, Horning

Mr S Clarke, Ludham.

Mr G Daniels, Neatishead

Mr J Clarke, Ludham.

Mr H Wenn, Ingham.

Mr G R Johnson

Mr W Ivory?, Hickling.

Mr Rob Page Honing.

Mr J Daniels, Stalham.

Mr G Gray, Stalham.

Mr W L Neave, Tunstead.

Mr Walter Cubitt, Somerton, Great Yarmouth.

Mr Coale?, Smallburgh.

Mr James Fenn, Hickling.

Mr W Painter, Potter Heigham.

Mr W Wenn, Walcott.

Mr J Love, Martham.

Mr E Boult, Potter Heigham.

Mr W Draper, Stalham.

Mr J Juby.

Mr G Hunting.

(on side of page) Mr J Clowes, Mr R Harvey, Mr J Silcock, Mr G Wortley.

Mr J Batchelor, Mr Lingwood, Mr E Karsley?