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Crop Competition Form 201531/07/2015
Bowls Report 24.2.1727/02/2017

Crop competition trophy results:

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of Stalham Farmers’ Club’s crop competitions.

The inter-club barley championship was won by Milligen McLeod Contracting, of East Ruston, with a sample of Maris Otter.

It was judged the pick of the crop by Rebecca Gee, of the Crisp Malting Group against a sample of Laureate, entered by Melton Harrold, of Holt & District Farmers’ Club.

The grain competition entries were judged by Chris Borrrett, of Adams & Howling.

Barley - 1 Milligen Mcleod (Maris Otter); 2 CN Beck & Son (Diablo); 3 John Key (Maris Otter).

Wheat - 1 Milligen Mcleod (Redrum); 2 HBS Farms (Dawsum); 3 CN Beck & Son (Insitor).


Sugar beet, judged by Sam Summers of British Sugar.

Best two-acre - 1 Walcott Farms; 2 Milligen McLeod (Waxham); 3 CN Beck & Son.

Whiole crop - 1 Walcott Farms; 2 HBS Farms; 3 Milligen McLeod.


Cantley Cup for best campaign performance (to be announced later).


Potato Cup, judged by Robin Baines.

1 LF Papworth (Galante); 2 Walcott Farms (Innovator); 3 LF Papworth (Alexandra) and James Harrison (Ivory Russet).

Cantley Cup (to be announced later).

Congratulations to our prize winners at the latest annual dinner, which was attended by more than 120 members and guests. The Dean of Norwich, the Very Rev Jane Hedges presented the trophies and prize cards at The Boathouse, Ormesby, on Wednesday, March 20. And British Sugar's Sarah Bebb, who judged the Cantley Cup for best overall performance by a member in the last beet campaign, now in its 90th year, also helped to present the prize cards for this prestigious trophy. Congratulations to the following:

The Potato Results

1.    L F Papworth Ltd (Daisy)

2.    Walcott Farms (Innovator)

3.    HBS Farms (Fontane)

The Sugar Beet Results

Whole Crop:

1.    R Cook & Sons

2.    Hirst Farms

3.    G A Tallowin & Co

Best Two-acres:

1.    C N Beck & Sons

2.    2. HBS Farms and C Callow/Edward de Feyter

3.    3. G A Tallowin & Co and Walcott Farms

Cantley Cup:

1.    Mrs Mary Hannant

2.    C N Beck & Sons

3.    HBS Farms

Barley (21 Samples)

1.    Mautby Farms (Flagon)

2.    HBS Farms (Concerto)

3.    R Cooke & Sons (Concerto)

Wheat (11 Samples)

1.    Milligen McLeod (Skyfall)

2.    Mautby Farms (Grafton)

3.    Milligen McLeod (Siskin)

Double success for first time trophy winners.

Two first time winners of the wheat and barley trophies were presented with certificates by Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner Lorne Green. For the first time since the barley trophy was presented in 1937, it was won by John Key, of Ormesby, and his son, Philip, with a sample of Maris Otter. Mr Key was staggered that his sample had put the family farm, A J Key & Son on the superb trophy. Another east Norfolk farmer, George Gay, of Mautby Farms, won the wheat cup with a sample of Grafton. The judge of the annual competition, Chris Borrett, of Adams & Howling, was thanked for his efforts. In the inter-club barley championship, the victor was William Mack, of Hempstead Hall, near Holt, with his Maris Otter sample.

Potato Results:

1. L F Papworth Ltd (Rooster)
2. R. Baines (Ivory Russet)
3. Walcott Farms (Fontane)

Sugar Beet Results:

Cantley Cup: TBA after a prolonged campaign!

Whole Crop
1. C N Beck and Sons
2. Nigel Cooke
3. Andrew Alston

Best Two Acres
1. John Tallowin
2. C N Beck and Sons
3. Andrew Alston

Grain results:

1. Mautby Farms, Grafton
2. Milligen McLeod (Skyfall)
3.HBS Farms (Costello)

1. A J Key & Son (Maris Otter)
2. Milligen McLeod
3. R Cooke & Sons (Concerto).


Congratulations. Prize cards and trophies were presented at the 175th annual dinner by the guest speaker, Sir Nicholas Bacon to the winners of the club’s competitions.

A total of 118 members and guests enjoyed a three-course meal at the Norfolk Mead Hotel, Coltishall. After a stimulating address, Sir Nicholas, who is chairman of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association, presented trophies to members.

The Cantley Cup, which recognises the best overall sugar beet performance by a member, went to the club’s vice-chairman Henry Alston, of Billockby Hall. For the first time in the 89-year history of the trophy, all members were eligible for the prestigious trophy. The runner-up was Jonathan Gill, of E Jones & partners and third, CN Beck & Sons; fourth, Milligen McLeod and fifth Whitwell Hall Farms (Andrew Morton).

RESULTS 2016-17

Potato Cup, judge Denis Walsh -

1 Nova Scotia Farms;

2 HBS Farms;

3 Robin Baines & Co.

Cereals, judge Chris Borrett of Adams & Howling -

Wheat -

1 Milligen McLeod (Invicta);

2 LF Papworth (Leeds);

3 HBS Farms (Costello).

Barley -

1 Walcott Farms (Maris Otter);

2 Milligen McLeod (Maris Otter);

3 Nova Scotia Farms (Maris Otter).

Sugar Beet -

Whole Crop, 2016, judge Ken Matthews -

1 GA Tallowin & Co;

2 CN Beck & Sons;

3 Andrew Alston.

Best two-acre, 2016 -

1 Milligen McLeod;

2 Andrew Alston;

3 HBS Farms.

Ten-pin bowls – presented to Charlie Lockhart.

The club's chairman Jonathan Deane thanked the judges and especially British Sugar's area manager Sarah Bebb for her help with the beet competitions.


Success for Stalham in Norfolk’s top farming business competition.

Broadland farmer James Chapman was reserve champion in the 36th annual Norfolk County farm business competition.

And a former chairman Richard Hirst, of Carr Farm, Ormesby, won the diversification award and the Stuart Chapman Memorial Shield.

There was success too for the current chairman, Luke Paterson, as Bindwell Ltd, of Dilham Hall, was runner-up in class two to the winner, Ali Cargill, of Grove Farm, Gimingham.

The supreme champion, Heygate Farms, of Snailspit Farm, Swaffham, is the latest supreme champion. Farm manager William Gribbon will be presented with the Leonard Papworth Memorial Award by Tony Bambridge, president of the Aylsham Agricultural Show Association.

The long-established farming business won the title for the first time in 1991 when run by Mervyn Gribbon, and then again in 2006. Heygate Farms is now a three-time champion.

The reserve supreme championship was won by Broadland farmer James Chapman, of Hill Farm, Rollesby. And Chapman Farms, now qualifies for the 2016 supreme championship, having won the overall title as Norfolk’s best farm in 2002 and 2005.

The award for the best livestock enterprise, the Jubilee Cup, was won by Stephen Temple, of Copys Green Farm, Wighton, on the Earl of Leicester’s Holkham estate.

There was keen competition in class one between relative neighbours in central Norfolk, which was judged by two Suffolk farmers. Another former champion, Robert Salmon, of Hyde Hall, Fransham, near Dereham, won class one ahead of estate manager Nigel Padwick, of the South Pickenham estate.

The 2014 champions, LF Papworth, of Lodge Farm, Felmingham, have won the supreme title on a total of eight occasions since it was first awarded in 1981. In that year, LF Papworth stood reserve to KE Gill Farms.

Another leading contender, Sir John White’s Salle Farms Co has won a total of six supreme championships. His estate manager, Poul Hovesen took the title for the first time in 1992 and retained the trophy the following year and in fact, became the sixth champion in 2013.


Trophies and awards will be presented on Monday, July 6. William Gribbon, of Heygate Farms, Swaffham, will host the annual farm walk at Snailspit Farm PE37 8AE at 5.45pm.

To assist with catering and arrangements, members and guests of Aylsham Agricultural Show Association are asked to inform the secretary, Chris Self, on 01263 733881.