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Crop competition trophy results

Congratulations to the 2023 winners of Stalham Farmers’ Club’s crop competitions.

The inter-club barley championship was won by Milligen McLeod Contracting, of East Ruston, with a sample of Maris Otter.

It was judged the pick of the crop by Rebecca Gee, of the Crisp Malting Group against a sample of Laureate, entered by Melton Harrold, of Holt & District Farmers’ Club.

The grain competition entries were judged by Chris Borrrett, of Adams & Howling.

Barley - 1 Milligen Mcleod (Maris Otter); 2 CN Beck & Son (Diablo); 3 John Key (Maris Otter).

Wheat - 1 Milligen Mcleod (Redrum); 2 HBS Farms (Dawsum); 3 CN Beck & Son (Insitor).


Sugar beet, judged by Sam Summers of British Sugar.

Best two-acre - 1 Walcott Farms; 2 Milligen McLeod (Waxham); 3 CN Beck & Son.

Whiole crop - 1 Walcott Farms; 2 HBS Farms; 3 Milligen McLeod.


Cantley Cup for best campaign performance (to be announced later).


Potato Cup, judged by Robin Baines.

1 LF Papworth (Galante); 2 Walcott Farms (Innovator); 3 LF Papworth (Alexandra) and James Harrison (Ivory Russet).

Cantley Cup (to be announced later).