1876 | Stalham Farmers' Club | Leading speakers from the agricultural industry.


The minute of the April 18, 1876, starts with absentees

Mr G Gladden, Mr Deynes, Mr R Riches, Mr W Salmon, Mr BC Silcock, Mr S Howard, Mr J Riches, Mr W Thompson, Mr A Ladbroke, Mr A Borrett, Mr J Fenn, Mr S Chapman, Mr C Silcock, Mr W Faulke, Mr F Neave, Mr H Hacon, Mr F (J?) Borrett, Mr A Neave, Mr Banks, Mr W Durrell, Mr J Durrell.

The club having heard Mr Slipper’s statement that his plan of bank of mangles was successful + economical is of opinion that it is well worth the imitation of this club. Moved by Mr Cooke and seconded by Mr W Slipper. Mr B Slipper moved that a round heap would be better shape than a parallelogram. Carried.

For July meeting

To discuss whether the use of superphosphate every four years would supercede the use of marl. Mr Clowes.

Whether we are more likely to have a paid crop of wheat by ploughing fleet or deep. Mr E Slipper.

JULY 1876

The minute on July 18 lists absentees:

Mr A G Gibbs, Mr G Gladden, Mr J Slipper, Ludham; Mr W Salmon, Mr R Cooke, jnr, Mr B C Silcock, Mr S Howard, Mr C Howes, Mr C Harvey, Mr R Lacey, Mr S Chapman, Mr C Silcock, Mr W Faulke, Mr W Whitttleton, Mr F Neave, Mr E Cooke, Mr F Borrett, Mr Alfred Neave, Mr H Fitt, Mr S Boyce, Mr Arthur Gibbs, Mr E Silcock.

Sweepstake for roots – all paid 1s (5), total 17s.

Mr R Cooke, snr; Mr F Clowes, Mr S Neal, Mr J Worts, Mr A Ladbroke, Mr W Durrell, Mr J Durrell, Mr Coustos, Mr W Thompson, Mr E Silcock, Mr H Hacon, Mr W Deynes, Mr J Jay, Mr W Slipper, Mr G Gladden, Mr J Slipper, Ludham.

Judges for roots – Mr H Hacon, Mr A Ladbroke, Mr Coustos.

Members who paid the entrance fee of 2/6d (12.5p) to exhibit – (£1 in total)

Mr J Worts, Mr R Cooke, Snr, Mr F Clowes, Mr G Gladden, Mr J Slipper, Ludham; Mr Deynes, Mr E Cooke, Mr E Silcock.

Not less than four acres of Swedes and mangolds and two of white.


The minute of the meeting on October 24 lists the absentees:

Mr AG Gibbs, Mr W R Riches, Mr R Cooke, jnr, Mr S Howard, Mr E Slipper, Mr R Lacey, Mr W Faulke, Mr G Dawson, Mr W Whittleton, Mr B S Slipper, Mr F Borrett, Mr Arthur Gibbs.

Reimbursement of secretary, 200 postcards 13/6d, new book 1/9d (15s 3d)

Prizes for roots

Mangolds – 1 Mr Worts 10s (50p); 2 Mr R Cooke, Snr 5s.

Swedes – 1 Mr DEynes 10s; 2 Mr Gladden 5s.

White – 1 Mr Worts 5s; 2 Mr E Silcock 2s.

Discussion for next meeting upon the formation of county boards.