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Congratulations to our prize winners at the latest annual dinner, which was attended by more than 120 members and guests. The Dean of Norwich, the Very Rev Jane Hedges presented the trophies and prize cards at The Boathouse, Ormesby, on Wednesday, March 20. And British Sugar's Sarah Bebb, who judged the Cantley Cup for best overall performance by a member in the last beet campaign, now in its 90th year, also helped to present the prize cards for this prestigious trophy. Congratulations to the following:


The Potato Results

1.    L F Papworth Ltd (Daisy)

2.    Walcott Farms (Innovator)

3.    HBS Farms (Fontane)

The Sugar Beet Results

Whole Crop:

1.    R Cook & Sons

2.    Hirst Farms

3.    G A Tallowin & Co

Best Two-acres:

1.    C N Beck & Sons

2.    2. HBS Farms and C Callow/Edward de Feyter

3.    3. G A Tallowin & Co and Walcott Farms

Cantley Cup:

1.    Mrs Mary Hannant

2.    C N Beck & Sons

3.    HBS Farms

Barley (21 Samples)

1.    Mautby Farms (Flagon)

2.    HBS Farms (Concerto)

3.    R Cooke & Sons (Concerto)

Wheat (11 Samples)

1.    Milligen McLeod (Skyfall)

2.    Mautby Farms (Grafton)

3.    Milligen McLeod (Siskin)