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Double success for first time trophy winners.

Two first time winners of the wheat and barley trophies were presented with certificates by Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner Lorne Green. For the first time since the barley trophy was presented in 1937, it was won by John Key, of Ormesby, and his son, Philip, with a sample of Maris Otter. Mr Key was staggered that his sample had put the family farm, A J Key & Son on the superb trophy. Another east Norfolk farmer, George Gay, of Mautby Farms, won the wheat cup with a sample of Grafton. The judge of the annual competition, Chris Borrett, of Adams & Howling, was thanked for his efforts. In the inter-club barley championship, the victor was William Mack, of Hempstead Hall, near Holt, with his Maris Otter sample.

Potato Results:

1. L F Papworth Ltd (Rooster)
2. R. Baines (Ivory Russet)
3. Walcott Farms (Fontane)

Sugar Beet Results:

Cantley Cup: TBA after a prolonged campaign!

Whole Crop
1. C N Beck and Sons
2. Nigel Cooke
3. Andrew Alston

Best Two Acres
1. John Tallowin
2. C N Beck and Sons
3. Andrew Alston

Grain results:

1. Mautby Farms, Grafton
2. Milligen McLeod (Skyfall)
3.HBS Farms (Costello)

1. A J Key & Son (Maris Otter)
2. Milligen McLeod
3. R Cooke & Sons (Concerto).