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BASIS points at opening club meeting -
Two BASIS points can be awarded to members for CPD who attend the opening meeting at the Norfolk Mead on Wednesday, November 11, 7.30pm. The theme, Promoting Farming's Image, will include presentations by Caroline Drummond, chief executive of LEAF, and David Jones, of the Morley Agricultural Foundation. Please note the earlier start to the meeting, which will be held at the Norfolk Mead, Coltishall NR12 7DN.
Entry added: 10 Nov 2015
Welcome to the opening meeting of the winter season at the Norfolk Mead NR12 7DN on Wednesday, November 11, at 7.30pm.
Promoting farming’s image - speakers Caroline Drummond, chief executive of LEAF, and David Jones, of Morley Agricultural Foundation.
All are welcome to have supper at the Mead – to be served about 6.15pm. £20 per head, includes a welcome drink – and join our speakers. Advance booking essential – please let the secretary know by Sunday evening at the very latest.
The Mead insists on knowing final numbers early on Monday – and the club will be charged for every place booked.
The two-course supper will feature slow roasted belly of pork, with mustard mash, glazed shallots and fine beans, followed by dessert – blackberry and apple crumble cake.
Inter-county club quiz – Easton College on Monday, November 9 at 7pm. £5 per head, includes light supper. If anyone fancies joining Stalham’s team, please let the secretary know ASAP.
Grain competition – Samples may be brought to the Norfolk Mead.
As the club is moving to a new location – and an earlier start – your support would be much appreciated.
Please let the secretary know in advance if you would like to join the supper by Sunday night, please. Late bookings will not be accepted by the hotel.
Ring the secretary on 01603 486997 or email, please.
Michael Pollitt
Entry added: 04 Nov 2015
Artistic footnote to ghost walk
Artist John Behm was painting the Ethelbert Gate in Norwich Cathedral Close by torchlight when members of Stalham Farmers' Club were on the Ghost Walk. His painting, Stripes at Night, was one of the many canvases entered in the second annual Paint Out event, which involved artists spending several hours of the same day on a composition. And the price tag for his 11ins by 14ins oil on canvas, completed that same night, a mere £320. A selection of paintings will be sold at auction at the Hostry on Friday, October 23 at a private view and sale and then the others will be displayed at an exhibition until October 30.
Entry added: 23 Oct 2015
Ghostly goings on. To start the autumn season, a 20-strong group of members and guests gathered for a Ghost Walk at Norwich’s oldest pub, the Adam & Eve, escorted by the Man in Black. He spoke of Norwich’s ghostly history and introduced some of the many spectres, who have been regularly seen including the self-confessed wife killer, William. His surprise appearance, complete with the bleeding head of his wife Martha startled many. Later, outside the Maid’s Head Hotel – the most-haunted hotel in the east of England – the Man in Black said that Tombland was the burial place of some 16,000 plague victims from the 1578 epidemic. In Elm Hill, the planned itinerary had to be changed when a less than ghostly team of Anglian Water workers appeared and started digging up the road. Then, a stroll through the Cathedral Close followed, where a real rat was seen, and the Ghostly Monk took a shine to Sally Lomax. But standing under a 250-year-old Cedar of Lebanon, another ghost, fitted with flashing blue light on his helmet, “arrested and marched off” another member of the party, Fran Baugh. It was a jolly end to the evening.
Early 18 members had enjoyed a Spookie meal, served by the pub’s landlady, Rita, and her team. And to the surprise of many members, the guest speaker at the club’s annual meeting in February, Dr Belinda Clarke, who was with her husband, Greg, attending another nearby event, were also invited to join the tour.
Next meeting – The opening indoor meeting at the Norfolk Mead, Coltishall, on Wednesday, November 11, 7.30pm. All welcome to attend supper at 6pm. More details later.
Entry added: 22 Oct 2015
Webmaster and club member Tim Papworth made the lead in BBC Radio 4's Farming Today programme paying tribute to the work of the East Anglia Air Ambulance. It was five years ago that he almost lost his life in an accident in a potato store as he explained. If you missed the front page story in the EDP or the broadcast on Radio Norfolk last week, then Listen Again to BBC Radio 4, 5.45am on Monday, October 19.
Entry added: 19 Oct 2015
Ghost Walk - more than half the total places already booked. Don't leave it too late to join the Ghost Walk on Wednesday, October 21, starting at 7.30pm at the Adam & Eve, cost £10 including first drink. Tickets are limited to about 30. Or come for a "Spookie" meal at 6.30pm and Ghost Walk, price £17.50. All places must be pre-booked by Monday at the very latest, contact the secretary, Michael Pollitt, please.

Entry added: 14 Oct 2015
Concerto spring barley sets the standard - Stalham's prize-winning barley sample - yet to be judged - will compete against a spring variety grown by North Norfolk farmer Andrew Ross, of Houghton St Giles, for the supreme inter-club title. At the opening meeting of Holt & District Farmers' Club, his father, John, who is also a former president of Norfolk RFU, was presented with the Hammond Trophy by the judge, Bob King, of maltsters, Crisps of Great Ryburgh. It was the fifth year that the variety, Concerto, took the supreme title. It beat a sample of Flagon winter barley grown by the club's chairman, Peter Perry-Warnes. Entries for Stalham's wheat and barley competitions may be brought to the club's opening winter meeting on Wednesday, November 11 at the Norfolk Mead or delivered to merchants Adams & Howling or to Sands Agricultural Machinery at Brumstead please.
Entry added: 14 Oct 2015
Ghosts in demand.

Join the Ghost Walk in Norwich on Wednesday, October 21. As places are limited to about 30, please let the secretary know if you'd like to join the special private tour, starting at 7.30pm prompt. It costs £10, which includes a first drink, and a dozen members have already booked places with the secretary. For the Adam & Eve, Bishopsgate NR3 1RZ (follow signs to the Law Courts) where there is a pay & display next to the pub or some on-street parking.
Alternatively, if you'd like to start with the Adam & Eve's "Spookie" meal at 6.30pm, then it will cost a total of £17.50, also including first drink.
Again, bookings to the secretary, please, by Monday at the latest.
Entry added: 13 Oct 2015
Root weights down on last year's record
A dozen samples were taken in the club's latest best two-acre beet competition - revealing a range of weights from 7.4kg to 13.5kg. Sarah Bebb, who was joined by the club secretary Michael Pollitt, sampled crops. A root count was taken of a 10m strip, selected at random, and 10 roots were topped - using a sharp beet hook lent by Alan Beck. The average sample weighed 9.78kg against 11.69kg from the 12 entries in last year's crop and counts ranged from 40 to 60 roots.. Last year, the range was 43 to 54.
Surprisingly, several crops had "fangy" root growth, possibly a result of the weather in the past few weeks and not probably a result of compaction. And to Sarah's surprise, one root was being eaten by millipedes, which she had never seen before. Apparently millipedes were once far more common before modern seed treatments became available.
It is planned to announce results at December's meeting at the Norfolk Mead.
Entry added: 11 Oct 2015
Close call for potato cup.
For the first time in the competition’s history, every entrant had submitted a different potato variety. It was quite a challenge for the judge but the result was very close – five points split the top four entries.
It was almost the biggest area to be judged with very large fields entered by John Lockhart at Caister (Lady Claire) and also Nicholas Deane at Neatishead (Markies). The defending potato champion Robin Baines also entered a field of trickle-irrigated Challenger and the president, William Donald, had a crop of Russet Burbank at Crostwick. Robert Cook had another relatively new crisping variety, Opal, growing almost within sight of the sea.
Another first-time entrant, William Sands, had a field of Desiree for inspection while nearby Thomas Love had selected the long-established variety, Estima. Finally, another variety, Royale, was the choice crop for Tim Papworth, near Coltishall.
Results will be announced at the opening meeting of the winter season on Wednesday, November 11 at the Norfolk Mead, Coltishall.
Entry added: 13 Sep 2015
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