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20,000 and going strong! Yes, the club’s website is becoming increasing popular as there have now been more than 20,000 visits. Thank you to members and others taking an interest in the club’s activities. Since the website was launched in February last year, traffic has been growing steadily. And is now running at more than 1,000 visits a month.
And as it stands, the total has now reached 20,027 . . . and still rising. Our webmaster Tim Papworth is always keen to receive potential new items.
Entry added: 30 Jun 2015
Study day inspired by former club president.

Students from across Norfolk spent a day on the farm – thanks to a former president of Stalham Farmers’ Club.
The sixth form student day was inspired by the late Hubert Sands exactly 20 years ago during his presidential tenure between 1991 and 2000.
A number of club members helped at the latest event as students from across Norfolk swopped the classroom for the open fields to learn about the county’s £1bn farming industry on Thursday, June 25.
The role of high-precision machinery in a fast-moving and technological industry was a central theme of the 15th annual sixth form student day at Hall Farm, Wickmere, near Aylsham – also the setting for the club’s annual farm walk on Tuesday, July 7.
About 300 students from schools and colleges including Wymondham, Reepham, Holt, Norwich, Loddon and Hunstanton, were briefed about the operation of a 1,500 –acre farming business run by Jonathan Seaman, of A Hurn and partners.
The visitors, who were escorted by about 35 members of Holt & District Farmers’ Club, were given 20-minute presentations on the key crops including wheat, barley and sugar beet as well as potatoes and livestock.
Organiser Rob Hughes, of land agents Brown & Co, said that the event has enabled about 6,000 students to find out at first hand about farming over the years.
Peter Perry-Warnes, who is the current chairman of Holt & District Farmers’ Club, was delighted that school groups had been able to take advantage of the out-door learning opportunity.
And Norfolk farmers’ leader Thomas Love, of Walcott, club chairman in 1990, - outlined the average costs of growing potatoes and the typical investment required of between £4,000 and £8,000 per hectare.
The chairman’s farm walk will take place with East Norfolk NFU branch at Hall Farm, Wickmere, on Tuesday, July 7, at 5.45pm. A hog roast supper will follow.
If members and guests would like to attend, please let the secretary know by Friday, July 3, please.

Entry added: 29 Jun 2015
Cocktail party success.
A fund-raising success story for farming’s charity in Norfolk was marked by more than 250 supporters at the 30th annual RABI cocktail party.
It has now raised a total of £137,959.60 – which will be boosted by proceeds of the latest eve-of-show party on Monday, June 22 at the Norfolk showground.
County secretary Sally Mitchell, of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution, said that the annual cocktail party had been the brainchild of former Stalham Farmers’ Club president, the late David Ritchie, and Peter Beck. It had raised a total of £901 in 1985.
Entry added: 24 Jun 2015
Recipe devised by former club president
The recipe for success started with a cocktail concoction, served at the National Farmers’ Union’s tent in 1985 when Mr Ritchie had been county chairman.
It had been made with lemonade, hock, sherry and brandy – costing 82p, allowing for 2.5 glasses each. Tickets had been £3.
Mrs Mitchell, of the RABI, proposed a toast to absent friends, adding that both Mr Ritchie and Mr Beck, had died in the past year.
Since that first party, the event has been held at the Norfolk showground every year except for a foray to Houghton Hall.
Sir John White, president of the Norfolk arm of the RABI, thanked sponsors, Brown & Co and solicitors, Birketts, organisers and supporters for attending on a damp wet evening. He also thanked the RNAA for allowing the event to be held on the showground.
Auctioneer Simon Wearmouth, of Brown & Co, sold four lots – a signed Adam Henson print of a Highland to Sid Walpole for £70, and a John Deere pedal tractor and trailer to Mandy Sands for £260 after fierce bidding; two tickets for a Fleetwood Mac concert at London’s O2 to Rob Hughes, of Brown & Co for £200, and for two guns on a shoot at Sir John’s Salle estate to Mr Guyton and Mr Brewer for £1,600.
With matched funding from Barclays Bank, the raffle made a total of about £3,250 plus 20 euros!
The show president, Robert Carter, and his wife, Charlotte, also attended the RABI’s party. Mrs Carter was invited to draw the winning ticket for the Noah’s Ark made in mahogany by John Caschere, of River Bank Boats, of Catfield. The ark, with 30 farm animals even included a tractor for Mr Noah, and was commissioned for the 30th cocktail party. It was won by Mary Wright, who is the RNAA’s former long-serving livestock official and was collected by her delighted husband, Peter.
Entry added: 24 Jun 2015
Success for Stalham in Norfolk’s top farming business competition.
Broadland farmer James Chapman was reserve champion in the 36th annual Norfolk County farm business competition.
And a former chairman Richard Hirst, of Carr Farm, Ormesby, won the diversification award and the Stuart Chapman Memorial Shield.
There was success too for the current chairman, Luke Paterson, as Bindwell Ltd, of Dilham Hall, was runner-up in class two to the winner, Ali Cargill, of Grove Farm, Gimingham.If you would like to read the full results then please visit the competitions page.
Entry added: 19 Jun 2015
Exclusive tour of a 50-year-old garden “gem” in north Norfolk.
Two dozen members and guests were welcomed by Roger Last, of the Mill House garden, Corpusty. After drinks had been served, he outlined how the garden had evolved over the past half a century.
It now covered a total of about five acres, including the latest addition on the other side of the former Norwich to Holt Road, which included a “wooden mill henge” as well as some dramatic planting.
Mr Last, who was joint author of the definitive Norfolk Gardens and Designed Landscapes, published in 2013, began the long-term project with his brother, John. After his death in 1990, Roger continued the evolution.
One project, the grotto with four dark chambers, which took a total of 14 years to complete and used carr stone from west Norfolk, wowed the company of visitors. And his siting of his compost bins in the corner of a classical designed sheltered garden, with its lovely citrus including oranges and lemon bushes, also caused much amusement. And his wonderful “newtery” also impressed the party.
Mr Last also built a “ruined Gothic” tower with carstone as another observation post.
In the second section of garden, a lake was dug out and includes a massive gunnera, which certainly caught the eye as did a seven-metre stainless steel spire – another modern folly.
This five-acre garden – featured in Country Life last year – has evolved over the past half century.
He amazed the party, when he said that he did all the work in the garden with the help of someone else for three hours a week. And some outside help with the strimming.
He had also bought some splendid sculptures, produced by a student at the Norwich University of the Arts, for the third phase of the garden. And one, the man on the cross, was perfectly sited against the backdrop of the square tower of Corpusty church.
And another highlight, the look-out tower on top of a 1940 brick-built pillbox.
It was a great privilege to be allowed to tour this special garden, which was greatly appreciated.
Afterwards, many of the party went for supper at the Walpole Arms, which was first-class.
Next outing – The chairman’s farm walk at Hall Farm, Wickmere, on Tuesday, July 7, 5.30pm for 5.45pm prompt start. Please let the secretary know if you would like to attend. Supper afterwards.
Entry added: 18 Jun 2015
Mill House gardens, Corpusty.
About two dozen members and guests will be exploring a five-acre garden at Corpusty on Wednesday evening, June 17. There is the opportunity for another handful of members/ guests to join this evening but please let the secretary know because there is a modest charge.
Our host, Roger Last, suggests that visitors park on the common - about 100 yards from the entrance to Mill House gardens.
Sat Nav - NR11 6QB.
The mill, straddles the River Bure, and entrance is just before the bridge (from Norwich direction).
Drinks - will be served on arrival at 6pm when Mr Last will give a brief introduction to the garden and its development over the past half a century. He suggests that there is enough to entertain visitors for about two hours.

Walpole Arms - supper - the advance menu choices have been sent to the Walpole Arms. And food will be served at 8.15pm - hopefully, there will be plenty of time to enjoy the garden.
Entry added: 16 Jun 2015
A final reminder of the first summer social outing on Wednesday, June 17. About two dozen members and guests will be touring the five-acres of garden at Mill House, Corpusty, starting with drinks at 6pm. And a dozen will be going on for supper at the Walpole Arms afterwards. If you would like to join the party, please let the secretary know without delay. The two-course meal has to be booked in advance. Details from the secretary. And if you'd like to join the farm walk party at Wickmere on Tuesday, July 7, please let the secretary know too.
Entry added: 12 Jun 2015
Champagne moment at RABI garden open afternoon -

A champagne toast was a highlight of RABI’s garden open afternoon in Norwich when newly-weds, chartered surveyor Rachael Hipperson and club member Jonathan Pye, arrived to help on Sunday.Sally Mitchell, county secretary, and husband, John produced two bottles of champagne for the 16-strong group of volunteers to drink the health of the happy couple at the Bishop of Norwich’s garden.Rachael’s godfather, Peter “Spin” Seaman proposed the toast which followed their wedding three days earlier. Jonathan, who farms near Cawston, then helped along with a strong contingent of Stalham members, on the gates. Committee member John Purling and wife Ena, David Faulkner and secretary Michael Pollitt were among the many helpers.
The hard-working committee produced enough for tea for hundreds of visitors and Carolyn Gay made some topical cup cakes, decorated in Norwich City colours too. Clearly a good omen for the following day’s big match as it turned out.The RABI committee also appreciated the very tasty strawberries from Place UK, of Tunstead, provided by Tim Place.The predicted rain duly arrived to dampen the attendance as the gates opened at 1pm. Then, a depressing heavy drizzle from 3pm ensured a soggy conclusion to the afternoon. A modest amount of about £500 was made as about 100 visitors toured the four-acre garden.Tickets are now on sale through NFU group secretaries for RABI’s 30th annual cocktail party on Monday, June 22 at the Norfolk showground.
Entry added: 28 May 2015
Farm visit and hog roast supper.
This is a joint event, meet at 5.45pm for 6pm prompt start at Hall Farm, Wickmere, with East Norfolk NFU branch. Members and guests will be most welcome. Members of North Walsham and Acle YFC will also be welcome.
Please let the secretary know if you like to attend in order to help our host plan the evening and arrange enough transport – by Friday, July 3, please.
A hog roast supper will be provided – hence numbers are needed
Entry added: 19 May 2015
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