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The fun fund-raising event for the charity Walking With the Wounded raised a total of more than £1,850 at the Sutton Staithe Hotel.
Members and guests chipped in £10 for a “heads/tails” coin toss for a prize of a case of wine. Guest speaker Edward Parker called the coin toss, which after seven eliminating rounds, left two members standing. Jim Papworth and Tim Place were the two finalists and Tim Place won the case of six bottles of red wine. Mr Papworth was presented with a bottle of Champagne.
Entry added: 12 Mar 2015
A top potato agronomist, Denis Walsh, became the second winner of Stalham Farmers’ Club’s President’s Cup.
Retiring chairman Neil Jordan said that Mr Walsh, of Greenvale AP, who is based at the group’s Norwich office, had judged the club’s annual potato competition for more than a quarter of a century.
The EH Wenn President’s Trophy was re-represented to the society by Jennifer Grier about four years ago to be awarded to an individual making an outstanding contribution to the club.
The first winner was the former secretary Frank Read, then Ken Leggett and last year’s winner was the club’s webmaster Tim Papworth.
Mr Walsh started judging potato crops in the late 1980s and has certainly been involved every year since.
Another guest was farmer and potato grower Tony Bambridge, who is also chairman of Greenvale AP.
The winner of the club’s potato trophy, presented by Rob Alston in 1970, was Robin Baines & Co with a crop of Innovator; runner-up was Nick Deane, of Bure Valley Potatoes, with Markies, and in third place, LF Papworth, also with Innovator.

Entry added: 12 Mar 2015
Two surprise awards were made at the club’s annual dinner in front of 165 members and guests at the Sutton Staithe Hotel.
The trophy for the keenly-anticipated competition for the award as the club’s top beet grower was presented to Alison Ritchie, of Ludham Hall.
The Cantley Cup was calculated on total deliveries and sugar percentages through the whole of the campaign by British Sugar’s area manager Sarah Bebb.
As the final deliveries were not made until the end of last week, the result went to the wire. The total average yield for the club’s former president, David Ritchie, was comfortably in excess of 100 tonnes per hectare – and narrowly ahead of the runner-up, CN Beck & Sons, of Brumstead Hall.
The trophy was presented by Edward Parker, co-founder of the north Norfolk-based charity, Walking with the Wounded. He also presented a certificate to Geoffrey Beck, watched by his father, Alan, and former club president, Roger Beck.
In third place, a prize card was presented to James Tallowin, of GA Tallowin, of Willow Farm, Hickling.
Entry added: 12 Mar 2015
At the club's annual dinner, the winner of the top beet competition will be revealed. As deliveries to the Cantley factory were only completed just days before the dinner on Wednesday, March 11, the result was very close. And the contenders all featured in the best whole crop and best two acres of beet.
Check on the website for the latest news of the winners and a surprise award in the EH Wenn President's Cup - to be revealed at the dinner on March 11.

Entry added: 11 Mar 2015
Club's president plays key role in launch of Norfolk Agricultural Station a century ago.
See full story in the section - Early Years

Entry added: 27 Feb 2015
New trophy win for Stalham see the Competitions section on the left, under C.2015!
Entry added: 21 Feb 2015
Dinner-update - A total of 132 tickets for the annual dinner have been sold - our maximum on Wednesday, March 11 for roast rib of beef (not swan!) is 170.

Subscription increase - It was agreed at the annual meeting that the annual subscription would be £20 from July 1 - the first increase for 16 years.

BASIS points - Members could claim a BASIS point for attending the latest annual meeting. Eight members signed the register.

Entry added: 12 Feb 2015
Hoe many Stalham members are needed to catch a swan? Well, at least three it seems – and a committee member and the secretary. Of course, it helps that one of the latest recruits to Stalham Farmers’ Club, Elliott Simpson, is a fully-fledged veterinary surgeon with Westover and an avian expert to boot. Helen Gibb, who was driving through Aylsham saw the mute swan walking through the centre of the town on Tuesday, February 10. So, armed with a clipboard, she managed to “drive” the year-old male swan into a nearby Loke. At that stage, the secretary, Michael Pollitt, who was wearing the club’s silk tie with unique Swan-necked design, got out to help. Helen meanwhile had summoned her expert colleague. When he arrived 15 minutes later, they managed to borrow a curtain and the swan was cornered. Later, after it was given a thorough vetting, it was taken to Blickling and released.
Entry added: 10 Feb 2015
The Club Secretary's Report and the Treasurer's Report are in the Newsletters and Info Section and on the Homepage.
Entry added: 09 Feb 2015
Supper will be at the Sutton Staithe on Wednesday, February 11, starting at 6.15pm prompt - the annual meeting will be at 7.30pm.
To increase the meal appeal, there is a choice - please indicate because it must be ordered in advance and by 5pm, on Tuesday at the latest. It will still cost £15, including first drink.
• Traditional Shepherds Pie (shredded meat not mince)

• Cola baked gammon ham served with eggs and thick cut 'jenga' chips, homemade coleslaw
• Marmalade Bread & Butter Pudding
• Apple & Blackberry Crumble
Entry added: 09 Feb 2015
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