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Africa's highest peak climbed - Tony Williams, now back in Norfolk, reached the peak of Kilimajanro shortly before 7am last Thursday, March 3, have completed the final 6,000ft ascent in just seven hours. He had flown from Norwich, via Amsterdam, to Kilimanjaro for the six-day trek, which involved five nights under canvas in temperatures as low as minus 17C. As there was so little oxygen at the 19,341ft summit, he was not encouraged to stay for too long and his party returned with their guide to base camp after just 10 minutes for photographs. Eight of the nine-strong group completed the ascent and Mr Williams, who was at least 20 years older than the rest of his climbers, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Donations for Big C will be most welcome, which can also be made on
Entry added: 09 Mar 2016
Prime beef for dinner - Prime fillet of beef will be on the menu for Stalham's annual dinner on Wednesday, March 16 at the Norfolk Mead. Deputy president of the National Farmers' Union, Minette Batters, will be speaking and presenting awards and trophies. A total of 132 places have been booked for the dinner to date but seating is limited. Applications, please, to the secretary, Michael Pollitt, as soon as possible - or telephone 01603 486997. Tickets cost £40.
Entry added: 04 Mar 2016
Bowling 2016 - A friendly evening of bowls and 10-pin against members of Holt & District Farmers’ Club was enjoyed by more than 60 players. The presidents of both clubs, William Donald and Bill van Poortvliet were supporting their respective teams – from the sidelines as they were unable to play on this occasion.
Organiser Stuart Ross, of Holt, and Stalham’s Michael Pollitt, had to re-arrange teams at very short notice when some players were unable to attend. However, the bowls were a much closer contest than last year. Holt scored a total of 70 against Stalham’s 57. Holt won three of the five matches, one was tied Another close match produced a 15-12 victory for Holt despite the very best efforts of Stalham’s borrowed “skip” David Hitcham, who almost snatched victory at Rossi’s.
Nearby Peter Lilwall, also playing skip, notched up an 18-9 victory over the scratch side including two former Stalham chairmen, Peter Gardiner and Neil Jordan, and the secretary Michael Pollitt. Stuart Ross, who was playing with a set of woods used by his grandfather, Percy, a former Norfolk county bowls player, was also on very good form, setting the scene for Mr Lilwall.
The trophy for the bowls was presented by Mr Poortvliet to Holt’s chairman, Peter Perry-Warnes.
The 10-pin was also much closer as Stalham scored 3084 – and 233 more than Holt’s 2851. Mr Donald awarded the Adams & Howling Trophy to Abby Coller, of behalf of Team Stalham.
The trophy for the highest individual score of 313 was won by Holt’s Charlie Mack by a 29-point margin over Stalham’s guest player, Darren Jeary.
The evening ended with a three-course meal including roast pork, which was enjoyed by members and their guests. Members also heard that a long-standing competitor and member of both clubs, Tony Williams, was currently en route for an ascent on the 19,341ft peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, and also raising funds for Big C.
Our thanks to Bruce Rossi and his team for coping with last-minute changes to teams and arrangements and also for the loan of woods for players.
Entry added: 29 Feb 2016
Honours shared at Rossi's. Stalham retained the 10-pin trophy in the annual competition with Holt & District Farmers. And the margin of victory for Holt in the bowls was narrower than last year's near-whitewash as the visitors took the honours, scoring 70 to Stalham's 57. Full report soon.
Entry added: 27 Feb 2016
Member's mountain challenge - A fund-raising effort for the Big C charity started at 6.15am today (Friday) as Stalham member Tony Williams left Norwich en route for east Africa. After some weeks of training involving walking and cycling, he starts his five-day ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro on Sunday. He hopes to climb the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, which has official height of 19,341ft on Sunday. It was first climbed on October 6, 1889! And after five nights under canvas and six days of trekking, he returns to Norwich airport on Sunday, March 6. As treasurer of Holt & District Farmers’ Club, he has already been given £20 by Tim Nicholson on his fund-raising page. Go to Stalham secretary Michael Pollitt has also matched the same amount to boost the total.
Entry added: 26 Feb 2016
Keen ticket demand - Don't leave your application to support the club's annual dinner on Wednesday, March 16 too late. A total of 140 places have already been booked of the 170 available at the Norfolk Mead have been booked. Tickets £40 from the secretary, please.
Entry added: 22 Feb 2016
The AGM Report is now available in the News, Letters and Notes Page as well as the minutes page!
Entry added: 19 Feb 2016
Welcome to new member – Solicitor and North Walsham Young Farmers’ Club Sarah Ellero was elected at the annual meeting of Stalham Farmers’ Club. Sarah, who is secretary to North Walsham YFC, was also invited to give the vote of thanks to speaker William Kendall at the January meeting.

New chairman elected – Jonathan Deane, of Ingham, will take over from the retiring chairman Luke Paterson after the club’s annual dinner on Wednesday, March 16 at the Norfolk Mead, Coltishall. Members also elected Henry Alston, of Billockby Hall Farms, as vice-chairman. Mr Paterson also presented the secretary/ treasurer, Michael Pollitt, with a fine bottle of wine in recognition of his efforts over past year.

There is a strong demand for tickets to the Annual dinner with Minette Batters the current NFU deputy president as speaker.With next weeks elections she may well have a different job? Minette will address members, present prizes and trophies during the evening.Over 140 tickets are already sold with only 168 available at the Norfolk Mead.
Don’t leave it too late. Contact the secretary for details.
Entry added: 18 Feb 2016
Please look at the new 175th anniversary celebrations page below What's on on the left where you will find an invitation to the Drinks and Canapés event on the 18th June at 7pm at How Hill Farm, How Hill by kind permission of Mr Peter Boardman.
Entry added: 18 Feb 2016
Secretary's report. For the latest secretary's 2015 report, please go to news letters and information section
Entry added: 17 Feb 2016
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