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BBC Radio 5 Live interviewed the secretary, Michael Pollitt, about the work of YANA. This followed publication of a report by the World Health Organisation, which has highlighted concerns about suicide in the farming community around the world.
The role of YANA, which was founded in November 2008, and supported by the Clan Trust, has been helping to make a difference.5 Live carried an eight-minute interview on the Up All Night programme - earlier this morning, Tuesday, September 16. It was about 1.40am.You can find it on the "Listen Again" feature.
Entry added: 16 Sep 2014
The Guest speaker at the annual dinner on 11th March is Ed Parker, co-founder of the charity, Walking for the Wounded,they've raised circa £7m for the North Norfolk-based charity since the launch in 2010 - and also received Royal patronage, through Prince Harry.
Entry added: 17 Aug 2014
Calling all potato and beet growers. Entries are invited from members for two of our key crops - potatoes and also the whole crop sugar beet. And as the cereal harvest progresses, please consider taking a small sample for the two grain competitions
Entry added: 31 Jul 2014
A champion on our doorstep.
Great news from Guy Paterson - who is the CLA Game Fair's 2014 Game Chef!
He won a closely-fought final at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, and clinched success after a last-minute cook-off to secure victory. And he has agreed to come and share some of his secrets of his culinary skills with a cooking demonstration to club members later this autumn.Watch this space and again congratulations to Guy with his champion disk featuring a trio of muntjac, which impressed the judges.
Entry added: 21 Jul 2014
When supporters of farming's charity gathered at the Norfolk showground on a cool June evening, there was a very well-kept surprise in store for one Puffa wearer - the secretary to Stalham Farmers' Club.As the highly-successful evening was coming to a close, Sir John White, president of the Norfolk branch of the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution invited Michael Pollitt to come to the front of the crowd.Then, his fellow committee members presented him with a 10ft tall heritage apple tree in thanks for his efforts over the past four decades in promoting RABI and its fund-raising activities in the EDP and its sister publications.Completely taken-aback, your secretary, who joined the EDP as its agricultural editor in 1984 and left after close to 30 years on July 1, took the apple tree back to his north Norwich home."I'm extremely grateful because it has now found a home alongside the other six Norfolk heritage varieties in our small garden," he said. And it even pre-dates the foundation of the club in 1841, he added.The tree - a Pitmaston Pine Apple, who originates from Herefordshire and dates from 1785 - came with four small apples.It has now been planted and seems to be doing extremely well. "I thank the RABI committee and especially secretary Sally Mitchell for her kind present," he said.On the last day of the Royal Norfolk Show, your secretary was also presented to the president, The Duke of Wessex, and given a special award by the RNAA. It followed very generous gifts by members of the wider farming community at a brief ceremony hosted by Kit Papworth, chairman of Anglia Farmers.Now, recovering from acute pancreatitis and off work for more than two months from April, your secretary is busy planning the autumn programme.Watch this space.
And the sugar beet and potato competition judging will be taking place within the next few weeks - so I'm looking for some quality entries.
Entry added: 21 Jul 2014
Guy Paterson's CLA Game Chef Article. I've always loved cooking and have got into deer management. My father (James) saw the advert in the EDP in April for 'The CLA Game Chef of the Year' and said I should enter. I had five days to put together my application which included a 2minute video, unique recipe and CV.I made it through to the next round, where I had to cook a dish based on game. I had no idea what the competition would be like as it was opened to all. I wanted to push myself to cook something I was proud of and through would be up with the best. We have a number of wild deer on the farm, the most common is the Muntjac and can be shot year round. I spent a long time thinking about my dish and after many days I had something I was excited about. I called it a 'Trio of Muntjac'. I shot and butchered a Muntjac for my recipe the Saturday before the competition.
I had to drive for almost 4 hours to get to the cookery school where the competition was being held, luckily my girlfriend Rosie accompanied me. When I arrived I met the competition which consisted of three professional chefs and a vet. I was a little nervous but better than I thought I would be for my first cooking competition. We all had a brief chat than started cooking, we had one hour. The picture below is the dish I served on the day. The judging panel was made up of three, a Michelin starred chef, a magazine editor and the competition organiser. The level of cooking wasincredible! I was very pleased with my dish but was not sure how I would compare with the professionals. The judging panel couldn't make a decision on the day as there was another group to cook later that week. Two weeks later I received an email saying I was through to the finals at Blenheim Place. I was quite literally over the moon! I'm cooking live at the CLA game fair on the weekend of the 18-20th July.
Entry added: 30 May 2014
A very successful Annual Dinner was held at Sutton Staithe last night where Stephen Bett gave an enlightening speech and then awarded the cups and trophies which can be viewed on the cups and trophies page on the left. One main highlight was the Clay Pigeon Shooting Barclays Bank Trophy which was won by Stalham this year.
Entry added: 13 Mar 2014
The 172nd AGM of the club was held at Sutton Staithe and the Chairman gave a great report of the activity the club had been doing during his chairmanship. The secretary and treasurer also gave their reports and then Tom Bradshaw gave a very interesting view on soil science which he gained during his Nuffield Scholarship around the world and he now implements on his Essex farm.
Entry added: 13 Feb 2014
Bowls Results: An excellent evening was enjoyed by both Holt and Stalham Farmers'Clubs at Rossis Leisure but unfortunatly Stalham lost to Holt Convincingly in the carpet bowls but the 10 Pin was much closer with Stalham 3403 and holt 3551. John Tallowin was Stalham's highest scorer with 174 and Holt's High score was Martin Jenson with 151! Considering he was in Australia this was no mean feat!!!!!!!!!
Entry added: 08 Feb 2014
The clay Pigeon Shoot is organized for Friday 6th June.
Entry added: 07 Feb 2014
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